sonja sorvola näyttelijä

Born in 1990, Sonja Sorvola is a Finnish actress, writer and choreographer based in Helsinki and London. Since starting her career in 2007, she has played leading roles in musicals and contemporary drama alike, such as Vanda Jordan in Venus in Furs, Marianne in Constellations, Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show and Mimi Marquez in Rent. Her most recent work as a choreographer was a Broadway musical classic Fame that opened in Rauma, Finland in January 2019.

Sorvola is a trained dancer from The Finnish National Ballet School. As an actor she has studied Meisner technique under Steven Ditmyer (Neighborhood Playhouse, NY) and was recently selected for Master’s program at London’s prestigious East15 Acting School. She is also highly experienced musically, working as a singer and songwriter and arranging music for theatre and choirs.

In 2016 Sorvola got the chance to design costumes for the Finnish tour of The Rocky Horror Show. That kick-started her career as a stylist and since then she has worked with Finland’s leading artists, presenters and performers. As a side hustle she writes an online fashion journal Stylefullness, focusing on current trends and styling advice.